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Enhance your Wine and your Bottom Line with Peel and Stick Generic and Custom Labels

Pioneering the thermal transfer process for the consumer winemaking industry, MacDay Label Systems allows storeowners to provide peel and stick generic and custom wine labels for use with everyday wines. Industrial quality roll fed thermal transfer printing out performs sheet fed, laser and ink-jet printing.

Professionaly Designed Background

Professionally Designed Labels

Created to reflect the quality and enhance the look of your wine, our labels offer variety to accommodate customer's varied tastes and are regularly updated to evolve with wine label trends and consumer preferences.

Customized Label Printing

Generic and Custom

Generic - The MacDay Label System provides the storeowner the unique opportunity to pre-print generic labels (i.e. just the wine variety and possibility your store name). Bags and header tags are available.

Custom - It takes as little as one minute to produce a custom label with the easy to use software and only 1 second per label to print. Typically a label will include the customer's name, wine variety and bottling date. But the software allows for TOTAL flexibility so that graphics and personalized messages can be included

Labels on Rolls

Labels on Rolls

MacDay was the first in industry to offer labels on rolls. Most of our designs have 775 labels per roll. That is equivalent to 25 sets of 31 labels. The software allows you to print just one label or hundreds of labels at a time.

Fast Creation of Custom Labels

30 Seconds for 30 Labels

Select the label template design and type your customer’s name, wine varietal and bottling date. You can change the font style and size as desired. Images, graphics and logos can be inserted to add a creative accent for weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, cottages, hobbies, restaurants, golf tournaments, special parties and anything else you can think of. The actual time of label customization is up to you as it can be as simple or as detailed as you allow. The thermal transfer printer takes only 1 second to print each label and is really fun to watch.

Simple to Apply Labels

Easy On

Simply peel the backing, place the middle of the label on the bottle and wipe the sides flat. Customers love how fast they can apply the labels. Store owners love how fast the labeling process is. Our special peel and stick adhesive has the added benefit of being repositionable within the first few minutes of application if it happens to go on a bit angled or crooked.

Simple to Remove Labels

Easy Off

Our special adhesive is designed to soften with heat and it really does only take 30 seconds in hot water for the label to be removed in one piece. This is a prefect label for the on premise and the home vint customer. It is the answer to the complaint of not using labels because they are too difficult and time consuming to remove.

Coordinating Shrink Caps

Coordinating Shrinks

Our labels have been designed to complement existing shrink caps commonly available in the marketplace today. Each label can be coordinated with at least 5 different colours of shrink caps providing multiple looks with the same base label. The basic colours used are ivory, white, gold, silver, red, blue, green, burgundy and black. Completing the look has never been easier.

Well Dressed Bottles for Everyday Wine

Marketing Tool

Attractive labels sell wine and are an ideal tool to impress your customers. They take pride in their wine and love to see their name on the bottles. Include your store name on the label to provide a lasting impression. Providing your customer with well-dressed bottles will enhance your image and generate discussion about the wine at dinner tables and parties. And as you know, word of mouth references are the most effective means of generating new business.

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